4 Easy DIY Coastal Themed Christmas Ornaments

LOVE Christmas and all things nautical & coastal? Then this roundup is for you. Here's 4 unique DIY beach themed Christmas ornament crafts anyone can make!

I have been working on coastal theme ornaments this year and I’m so happy with how they’re turning out. I rounded up all my coastal ornaments to share with everyone.

The best part about all these ornaments is they were all to EASY and inexpensive to make.  My favorite things!

1. Sparkly Wooden Anchor Christmas Ornaments

I still wanted a add a “pop” of color to my tree. This glitter turquoise anchor does just that!

Coastal Themed Christmas Ornaments - Shimmery Anchor

2. DIY Mod Podged Christmas Tree Coastal Ornaments

I’m obsessed with Mod Podge right now. I had the perfect scrapbook paper to make these coastal themed ornaments.

I’m loving the lobster!

Coastal Themed Christmas Ornaments - Mod Podge Lobsters and Starfish Ornaments

Side Note: Want a few more DIY Christmas tree ornaments? How ’bout these fun-to make crafty kids Christmas ornaments? Your lil’ ones will love them!

3. Nautical Themed Mod Podge Christmas Ornaments

Just like the coastal ornaments, I made these out of scrapbook paper. BUT I used a more nautical themed scrapbook paper. The anchors and boats on these ornaments are just too cool!

Coastal Themed Christmas Ornaments - Mod Podged Nautical Scrapbook Ornaments

4. Easy Christmas Ornament Starfish

Of course I had to add some starfish to the tree! I had a ton of starfish on hand so I thought why not make an easy starfish ornaments for the tree.

Coastal Themed Christmas Ornaments - Starfish Ornament

See how easy it is to create a coastal tree. I had all these ornaments made in no time.

If you have a favorite Christmas tree ornament, I’d love to hear about in the comments!

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