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DIY Christmas decor inspiration

Finally having a little time to write my Christmas home tour post. It’s been so crazy around here (with all these Christmas crafts I’ve been up to). But I really wanted to have a tour of my home post.

I’ve done one for my Halloween decorations and Thanksgiving decor. I knew if I didn’t do one for Christmas I would regret it (even if it’s a week before Christmas).

Christmas Tree

You know I had to start the tour off with my Christmas Tree (with all the kids’ handmade Christmas ornaments)! If you notice, I have a TON of glass ornaments (at the top of my tree). My 1 and 2 year old had intentions to destroy my tree this year.

Christmas Home Decor Inspiration: Christmas Tree
Christmas Home Decor Inspiration: Popsicle Stick Snowflake Craft
Popsicle stick snowflakes. They're so pretty!
Christmas Home Decor Inspiration: Handprint Snowman Ornament
I will CHERISH the boys' handprint snowmen ornaments FOREVER!
Christmas Home Decor Inspiration: Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Craft
A popsicle stick Christmas tree ornament for the...Christmas tree. Too cute!
Christmas Home Decor Inspiration: Snowflake Craft
Christmas Home Decor Inspiration: Popsicle Stick Reindeer Craft
I love this adorable popsicle stick reindeer ornament. She's the cutest!

We’ve had some casualties this year with ornaments, so my hubby was like, “Move them up or they’re gonna’ get broken.” I sucked it up, and moved them up the tree. I’m sure most people would have just moved them back for the picture, but I didn’t have time  :-)

Front Entrance

This was my first time making a Christmas countdown advent calendar. I wanted it to be one of the first things you see when you walk in the door.

This was my first time making a Christmas countdown advent calendar.

My oldest son loves getting up first thing in the mornings and turning the numbers over to see how many days he has left until Christmas.

Christmas Home Decor Inspiration: Advent Calendar Count Down
Advent Calendar Christmas Countdown: Wooden Tags for Calendar
Advent Calendar Christmas Countdown: Blue Tags and Sparkly Snowflakes
Christmas Home Decor Inspiration: Christms Ideas!
Love the touches of Mason Jars. The candy canes look great in them. Perfect size!

China Cabinet

My china cabinet is a great space to decorate around. I have all these little spaces to add my crafts too. It was a great investment! One of my favorite (and most memorable) crafts I added, are the toilet paper roll snowman I made with my boys. It’s a special memory that I will cherish and they look super cute displayed!

Christmas Home Decor Inspiration: China Cabinet
Christmas Home Decor Inspiration: Christmas NOEL
I got the Noel for $15 at TJMaxx!! Love that store.
Christmas Home Decor Inspiration: Dollar Tree Snowflake Makeover
The large snowflakes are from the Dollar Tree. I spray painted them white and tacked them to the cork board.
Christmas Home Decor Inspiration: Toilet Paper Roll Craft
They cake stands are great. I just switch out the ribbon for each holiday and season.
Christmas Home Decor Inspiration: Chrismas Mason Jar Ideas
I love my Christmas Mason Jars. My son keeps trying the steal those candycanes! Crazy kid.
Christmas Home Decor Inspiration: Christmas Ikea Lantern
I got this lantern at Ikea for $4 what a great buy. I just added a little Tree and some fake snow for a Winery look.
Christmas Home Decor Inspiration: Winter Snow globes
Loving these snowglobes in the china cabinet! They were so simple to make.
Christmas Home Decor Inspiration: Snowglobe Craft
I wanted to make a couple for my boys as well. I added some of their favorite characters! My son loves Mario!
Christmas Home Decor Inspiration: Brown Paper Package ideas
I found some package paper at the Dollar Tree. See they have everything! I added a little bakers twin for a cute bow.
Christmas Home Decor Inspiration: Christmas Ideas
My hubby actually made these Tiffanly inspired jewerly boxed for Mothers day. He had my boys make homemade jewelry for me. How lucky am I?? I add to add them!
Christmas Home Decor Inspiration: Christmas Crafts - Snow Globes

Of course I had to add Mason Jars (they are so easy to decorate with)!! I even added a jar with my washi tape thread spools I made. I made a couple snowglobes this year.

I even added a jar with my washi tape thread spools…

One of my favorites are the Mason Jar salt and pepper shaker snowglobes. I added a couple others I made, but I haven’t written a post for them…yet! Aww, maybe next year. Too many crafts, so little time to write.

Entertainment Center

Last, but not least is my backroom. My favorite spot I did this year!! I’m just loving the colors I used for this. And I was able to reuse my Valentine button heart to create my button Christmas treeHow cool is that?

Christmas Home Decor Inspiration: Christmas Ideas
Christmas Home Decor Inspiration: Mason jar ideas with Washi Tape
Here's some more of those super cute wahi tape thread spolls I made!
Christmas Home Decor Inspiration: Mason Jars Crafts and ideas
Here's another Mason Jar where I added a Tree I got for $2 at Walmart and some fake snow.
Christmas Home Decor Inspiration: Christmas Mason Jar ideas
The candycanes look so great in the mason jars. I have them added throughout my home.
Christmas Home Decor Inspiration: JOY Christmas Craft

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my home. I’m in Florida so we don’t get too much of a weather change here. So no pictures of beautiful snow on the ground. But we do have beautiful beaches here! I’ll take the beach over snow any day :)

It’s been a great year, I’ve got to make a lot of crafts with my boys and for my home. I’ve really enjoyed being able to share my crafts with everyone. Have a Merry Christmas!

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