Dinosaur Birthday Party

Dinosaur birthday party

This year, my son really wanted a dinosaur theme for his birthday. I thought this would be a great party idea for a 5 year old. But…he didn’t want a “little kids” dinosaur party. He wanted a “big boy” dinosaur birthday party.

I had SO MUCH fun with this party (with lots of materials to work with).

Most of my birthday party themes have been a challenge to work on (like my Brown Bear, Brown Bear and The Very Hungry Caterpillar parties). You just can’t run to Target or Walmart for supplies.

You just can’t run to Target or Walmart for supplies.

I had to make most of the items myself. This one was a little easier to work on. They sell dinosaur stuff EVERYWHERE. I actually got a lot of my supplies from the Dollar Tree.

“Dino” Display Table

One of my favorite parts about having a party is the display table. I just love working on them. This one was a lot of fun to do.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Display Table
I used some burlap for my tablecloth and it worked out perfect. I found the leaves and green branches at the Dollar Tree.
Dinosaur Birthday Party Cake Pops!
I made these super cute cake pops for the party using colorful paper straws instead of basic sticks.
Dinosaur Birthday Party Cupcakes using Rock Candy
I found these awesome candy rocks at the Dollar Tree and added some little dinosaurs.
Dinosaur Birthday Party Cupcakes
Dinosaur Birthday Party Dollar Tree Dinosaur Cupcake Toppers
I love how all the tree trunks turned out. I stopped by one of those BBQ places and they let me have some logs for free!
Dinosaur Birthday Party Banner Using My Silhouette Cameo
I made my birthday banner using the scrapbook paper I found at Jo-Ann's and my Silhouette Cameo.
Dinosaur Birthday Party: Dinosuar Bones Using Pretzels
I loved the idea of using chocolate covered pretzels as dinosaur bones!!
Dinosaur Birthday Party: Yummy Dino Dirt Snacks
I made my dino dirt by adding layers of cake and pudding. Then sprinkling some candy rocks and fruit snack dinosaurs.
Dinosaur Birthday Party: Dino Veggie Snacks!!
I had to sneak in some healthy treats for the kids. Putting veggies and ranch in a cup made it easy for everyone to eat.
Dinosaur Birthday Party Display Table
Dinosaur Birthday Party
Dinosaur Birthday Party: Dino Teeth using Bugles Covered in White Chocolate
Aww...the dino teeth, it was a favorite with the kids. I covered Bugles with white chocolate.
Dinosaur Birthday Party: Aww Scary Dinosaur
I borrowed these cool dinosaurs for the table display. They worked out perfect for each side!

For my backdrop, I used a tropical themed paper I found at Jo-Ann’s. They have a TON of different styles.

I think they’re actually used for bulletin boards in classrooms. It was around $8 and I used my “Handy Dandy” 40% off coupon. Then, lined it with some ribbon I got from the Dollar Tree.

“Dino” Treats

You gotta’ have a snack table at a party for kids! I usually have my parties around 3:00 PM, so I serve some light snacks. At this party, they were all “dino” snacks and the kids ate them up!

Dinosaur Birthday Party Dino Snack Table
I have trees behind my house and was able to find some great leaves to add to my table.
Dinosaur Birthday Party: Veggie Chips
Veggie sticks are a kid favorite around here!
Dinosaur Birthday Party Snacks
I saw these and thought they looked like amber fossils. Maybe...maybe not? Well, the kids liked them!
Dinosaur Birthday Party: Dinosaur Nuggets
What dinosaur party would be complete without dino nuggets?!?!
Dinosaur Birthday Party: Dino Eggs Made from Yogurt Covered Raisins
I had a pack of yogurt covered raisins and thought they could be little dinosaur eggs!
Dinosaur Birthday Party: It's great using mason jars for silverware holders at parties
Like ALL my parties, I love using Mason Jars. They are great to hold plasticware or straws.
Dinosaur Birthday Party: Birthday Sign Made From Scrapbook Paper
This was just a sheet of scrapbooking paper I framed. It turned out so cute! I found the picture frame at the Dollar Tree!
Dinosaur Birthday Party: Swamp Juice
The boys loved the "Swamp Water", but it was quickly renamed "Burp Juice" because they said it made them burp. Crazy kids!!
Dinosaur Birthday Party: Water Bottle Labels Made From Scrapbook Paper
I don't like plain waters on the display table. Then I thought, "Why not cover them in scrapbook paper?" I cut them into strips and hot glued them to the bottles. Voila!!

“Dino” Crafting Table

At my parties, I ALWAYS have a table for kids crafts. I know most parties have games, but I think craft projects are great for kids (especially at this age). Plus, it’s an extra party favor for the kids to take home!

Dinosaur Birthday Party: Fun paper mache dino eggs for the kids to decorate!
I paper mache'd eggs for the party. I added little dinos to each egg. So when they "hatch" the kids had a cute dinosaur to play with.
Dinosaur Birthday Party Sign Made From Scrapbook Paper
Here's another frame where I used scrapbook paper. I used my Silhouette Cameo to add "Dino Eggs Craft."
Dinosaur Birthday Party Crafting Table
Dinosaur Birthday Party: Table runner made from scrapbook paper
I used even MORE scrapbook paper for my table runner. Just added a little adhesive to the ends connecting them.
Dinosaur Birthday Party: Crafting Table
All the kids had a great time decorating their dinosaur eggs. Here's two of my sweet boys!
Dinosaur Birthday Party: The kids had a great time decorating their paper mache dinosour eggs
All the beautiful eggs the kids made!!

“Dino” Favors

I made most of the party favors myself (besides the dinosaur hats I found at the Dollar Tree). The chalk eggs were ‘eggs-ellent favors for the kids.

The chalk eggs were ‘eggs-ellent favors for the kids.

I know what you’re thinking…BUT I just had to say it (my husband made me do it)!

Dinosaur Birthday Party: For the girls I made girly dinosaur hats
We had a couple girls at the party so I wanted to make some "girly" dino hats for them.
Dinosaur Birthday Party: Dollar Tree Dinosaur Hats
I was so excited I found these at the Dollar Tree!!
Dinosaur Birthday Party: Party Favor Table
I really liked the idea of hanging up a picture for each year of my son.
Dinosaur Birthday Party: Birthday Boy-A-Saurus Sign
I found the dinosaur decals at the Dollar Tree.
Dinosaur Birthday Party Favors Made from Scrapbook paper
I made my favors using scrapbook paper and clear bags from the Dollar Tree. I cut my paper the same size as the bag and stapled!! Then added rock candy and dino fruit snacks.
Dinosaur Birthday Party Favors using Easter Eggs as Dinosaur Eggs
Dinosaur Birthday Party Favor Station
All these chalk eggs were left over from my Easter party display. I had a TON of them.
Dinosaur Birthday Party Sign

The Birthday Boy-A-Saurus

What can I say, the I LOVE this little boy! I felt honored to make this super-fun dinosaur birthday party for him :)

Dinosaur Birthday Party

Me and my special guy on his birthday!

I used A LOT of scrapbook paper for this party. I only spent $10 on a book of dinosaur themed paper at Jo-Ann’s.

I was able to use it so many ways (birthday banner, party favors,  water bottles, picture that I framed and table runner). See…you DON’T have to spend a lot to have a great party!

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