Easter Party – 2013

Easter party ideas

I was so excited about my Easter party this year. I just love getting together with my friends every year and celebrating Easter together. This is our fourth annual Easter party and I have been lucky to host it the past two years.

Easter Display Table

I was really happy with how my Easter display turned out. I have been working on all the little crafts (like these Peeps Easter kebabs) for a couple weeks. I think it really paid off.

Easter Party: Display Table
Everything really came together well.
Easter Party: Display Table: Tulip Flower Arrangement and Easter Moss Bunny
Adding beautiful flowers is a nice touch to the display table, especially for Easter.
Easter Party: Display Table: Cake Pops
I made all the cake pops the day before with my friend. Our first time making cake pops. Not too bad, right?
Easter Party: Display Table: Cake Pop Chicks
Easter Party: Display Table: Carrot Flower Snacks
I loved the look of the baby carrots in the flower cupcake holders.
Easter Party: Display Table: Marsh Mellow Carrots and Cheese Puff Carrots
The carrot pops are made from marshmallows and orange chocolate. I also really liked how the cheese puff carrots turned out too!
Easter Party: Display Table: Carrot Silverware, Peeps Easter Kabobs
The carrots in the middle were from the Dollar Tree. They had candy inside. How perfect were they for the display table?
Easter Party: Display Table: Orange Crush Pop and Paper Straws

Here’s some of the decorations I made for my Easter Display table:

  • Moss Bunny: I cut out a shape of a bunny on white board and covered with hot glue then added my moss. Such a simple thing and makes a BIG impact with my display table.
  • Framed Bunnies: My “love” bunnies look so cute and playful on each side on the display table. They were a lot of fun to make!
  • Carrot Plasticware: I found the idea for my carrot inspired plasticware on Spoonful and had to make a few plasticware carrots myself. Such a clever idea!

Sweet Treats Table

We always have a potluck whenever we have big get together with the families. Everyone always brings a special sweet treat.

Easter Party: Sweet Treats Table
Our yummy treats table. We added a couple healthy options as well.
Easter Party: Sweet Treats Table: Fruit Cake
My friend made this beautiful fruit cake for the party. What a great job!
Easter Party: Sweet Treats Table: Marsh Mellow Carrots and Lemonade
Easter Party: Sweet Treats Table: Candy Treats

All these tasty treats were great additions to the Easter party. My friends are just so helpful.

Easter Craft Table

As always, I must have a craft for the kids :) We usually dye eggs, but this year I decided that everyone should just bring plastic eggs filled with goodies. Too many spills the years before. We don’t want to mess up those cute outfits!

Easter Party: Craft Table
The kids really enjoy the Easter crafts at all the parties. They've come to expect it!
Easter Party: Craft Table: Easter Stickers
Easter Party: Craft Table: The kids working on their crafts
The kids had a lot of fun making their Easter wreaths.
Easter Party: Craft Table: The kids finished wreaths
As you can see, they were pretty proud to show their wreaths off!

Side Note: Want an adorable Easter takeaway for the kids? Why not make your own with these chalk Easter egg party favors!

The Easter wreaths and stickers were on clearance the year before at Wal-Mart. Each wreath was .25 cents, what a bargain!! All the kids had a great time decorating them.

The Gang!

We all had a great time and the kids just LOVE hunting for their eggs together. We had a ton of them!

Easter Party: The Gang

I just love getting together with everyone. It’s such a great tradition we have started with our little group. Plus, us moms love any reason to get dressed up!!

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