Cardboard Box Craft – DIY Kids Play Stove

Create a fun Cardboard Box Craft - DIY Kids Play Stove

Craft Materials

Before starting this project, you’ll need the following materials:

Post number 2 from my new DIY Box Creations Book! I just posted the DIY Dollhouse the other day.  There are a total of 12 crafts in this book so you’ll be seeing lots of new posts up!

It was seriously hard to pick my next craft from the book to write about.  I just love them all, but I had to choose.  So I decided on the Cardboard Box Stove.

One of my favorite things about this Play Stove is that you can actually make it a piece that lasts.  My son had this in his room for months before we decided the give it away.  We added some “faux” shelves on each side of the stove so they the kid can really use their imagination with this.

Cardboard Box Craft – DIY Stove

Cardboard Box Craft - DIY Kids Play Stove

I wanted to share some extra pictures that aren’t in the book.  So you can see the kids having lots of fun playing in their pretend kitchen.


With this project you can get as detailed as you want or goes as basic as you want. It’s totally up to you.


Cardboard box crafts are the best, once you make one they can seriously get addicting.  After I finished the book, I still had a ton of ideas I wanted to do.  So I made this DIY Cat/Dog House, similar to the dollhouse.

Cardboard Box Craft - Have lots of fun with this DIY Kids Play Stove

For full details on how to make this Stove Craft, check out my DIY Box Creations book.  Plus I have many many more DIY cardboard box craft ideas for ya!


Behind the Scenes

At first my 3 year old was in no mood to model.  I just had to share that not all the photoshoots went perfect right away.  But once he started playing he got into it.


Now my 4 year old was ready to get started.  This guy loves getting his picture taken.  He had to ham it up for the camera!


Your little chef will have lots of fun in the kitchen creating play meals with this cool cardboard box stove. The best part we were able to make this retro style stove with just one large cardboard box, knobs that turn, and a baking rack on the inside

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