Create Fun Chalk Paint Art With Your Kids

Kids craft: Make your own sidewalk chalk paint

Craft Materials

Before starting this project, you’ll need the following materials:

, Water, Paint Brushes, Plastic Cups, Hammer

Summer is still here in full force and we are trying to enjoy every minute of it. I came across the idea for chalk painting recently and thought it was a great idea!

One of my favorite things to do is have the boys outside when we’re crafting. This project was perfect for that.

Getting Started

For this craft, all I needed was chalk and water!! Can’t beat that right? I’ve got us pretty stocked up on chalk with all the Summer sales.

I couldn’t wait to try this out for our next play date!!

Fun Chalk Paint Art: Getting Started

Chalk!! Glorious Chalk!!

Step 1 – Break Your Chalk

I picked out 8 different colors and put each one in a ziplock bag. I layed it out on the patio and used the hammer to break it into a fine powder.

Fun Chalk Paint Art: Break Your Chalk

This part is great for stress relief!! ;-)

Step 2 – Create Your Chalk Paint

I poured the powder into plastic cups I had around the house and added water. When adding the water I really didn’t have specific technique. I just added water and stirred until I felt like it was the right consistency.

Fun Chalk Paint Craft: Create Your Chalk Paint

Quick Tip: You’ll want to make sure it’s thick, but not a paste.

Step 3 – Finishing Touches

I used a different brush for each cup, so the colors wouldn’t mix. Now you’re ready to have some fun. Each boy had a different section to paint their pictures on. But by the end, they were all over the place painting.

Fun Chalk Paint Art: Finishing Touches
The boys were eager to get started!
Fun Chalk Paint Art
I think they were born be artists!!
Chalk Paint Craft
Chalk Paint Craft Fun
We had a lot of pictures going on here.
Chalk Paint Craft

This craft was definitely boy approved (since they can get pretty messy with this on). My boys love to get messy.

And once you’re done, it’s super easy to clean up. Just bring the hose out, spray it down and your done.

I think I left mine outside for a couple days. It was just so pretty to look at.

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