DIY Arrow Decor – Two Ways

DIY Arrow Decor – Two Ways

Craft Materials

Before starting this project, you’ll need the following materials:

This Arrow Decor project is one I’m really excited to share.  I made this over at the Make it Fun Blog.

When I first came up with the idea of making an arrow craft I was just planning on making one painted arrow.  I soon realized I could get two arrows out of this if I planned ahead.  That’s what I love about working with foam, there are so many great options to do.  So much easier then using wood (for me at least).


Supplies needed to make this project:

  • FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam: Sheet 2 x 12 x 36″
  • FloraCraft Smooth Finish®  Paintable Coating
  • FloraCraft® StyroCutter® Plus
  • Arrow Template (from online or a cutting machine like a Cricut® or Silhouette®)
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Straight Pins
  • Sandpaper
  • Acrylic Paint

Step 1 – Trace Arrow Shape

I decided to use the thickest foam sheet I had on hand which is two inches thick.  I wanted it to really be a statement piece.  I used my trusty Silhouette Cameo to cut out my arrow template, but you could free hand this, use a ruler or print one from online.  My arrow is approximately 28″ long.

I used some straight pins to help keep my cutout in place and traced it out with a sharpie.  If you don’t want to draw on the foam, you can also use the template as your guide, but it’s best if you use a thicker paper stock.  Be sure to place the arrow centered on the foam sheet to be able to use the negative as your second project.

DIY Arrow Decor – Two Ways - Step 1

Step 2 – Cut Arrow Out

Next, I pulled out my trusty StyroCutter Plus to cut out the arrow.  Be sure to read the packaging instructions carefully before using this tool…it get’s really hot!  I started at the top point of my arrow, working my way around.  Just gently guide the cutter around the foam and let the tool do the work.  If the wand is bending, you’re pressing too hard.  It cuts the foam perfectly.

DIY Arrow Decor – Two Ways - Step 2

Step 3 – Add Smooth Finish

Once cut out, you can use a fine grit sand paper to smooth out the cut edges.  Then I covered both pieces with Smooth Finish to fill in all the cells. With projects like these I always add two coats.  Letting each layer dry several hours. I just smooth is down with my fingers, making sure to get in all the cracks.

Once it dries, I go over with some fine grit sandpaper.  I basically treat it like wood at this point, making it as smooth as I can.

DIY Arrow Decor – Two Ways - Step 3

Step 4 – Paint Arrow

Now the fun part… Painting!

My first layer was a dark brown stain from DecoArt. Then I wanted it to have a rustic feel, so I lightly painted on several different colors of chalk paint; white, mint and gray.  Once the paint dried I sanded the piece again.

DIY Arrow Decor – Two Ways - Step 4

The first piece is ready to display!

DIY Arrow Decor – Two Ways from a foam sheet!

The second piece is just using the arrow cutout from the first project and treating it the same way!  Cover it with Smooth Finish and then paint!  This one I painted to match my coastal theme in my home, but there are so many options.  You could paint it pink and red for Valentine’s day, mixed metallics for a modern feel or even traditional Aztec colors!

DIY Arrow Decor for any style!

I am beyond happy with how these arrows turned out! There is really so many ideas you could do with this. They are so lightweight that you can display them anywhere!

Here are a couple similar projects I made using the foam sheets.  One of my favorites are the Coastal Foam Oars I made last year. I can’t forget my first and most popular project I did, the Foam Whale Wall Art.  As you can see there are so many great possibilities when using foam sheets.

One of the other team members on the Make it Fun team had a great arrow project as well.  A yarn wrapped arrow which was a pretty clever idea! Make sure to check it out!

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