DIY Wreath Using Cupcake Liners for Easter

DIY Wreath Using Cupcake Liners for Easter

Craft Materials

Before starting this project, you’ll need the following materials:

, , , FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Wreaths, Push Pins, Twine

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I’m at it again with another great DIY Wreath with cupcake liners!! This time I’m making one for Easter.

It’s starting to feel like Spring here in NC!! The daffodils and tulips are blooming wild everywhere and it’s beautiful. So I wanted to get the house ready and start with an Easter project.

I really love working on these cupcake liner wreaths for the house. They are so easy to make and super inexpensive, they are a great addition to any home decor.


I was so excited when I got my new box of FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® items. This time they sent me FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Wreaths in sizes 12″, 14″ 16″ and 18″!

I went to a couple crafts stores to find some new small cupcake liners. The selection was pretty small… But I did find these green ones. I was hoping to find something a little more Sping-y but these still worked great!

DIY Wreath for Easter: FloraCraft® Make it: Fun® Foam Wreath

Step 1 – Add Your Ribbon

I found some cool orange polka dot ribbon, I really love some polka dots so this was a great find!

I wrapped it around the top of my wreath and used some push pins to keep it in place.

DIY Wreath for Easter: FloraCraft® Make it: Fun® Foam Wreath

Step 2 – Add Cupcake Liners

Now the fun part adding the cupcake liners!!

I flipped the cupcake wrappers inside out and added my push pin in the center. Then I just placed in the foam wreath, working my way around the whole wreath. Some of the liners I scrunched up and some I left full.

DIY Wreath for Easter: FloraCraft® Make it: Fun® Foam Wreath

Step 3 – Add Banner

I still wanted to add something extra to this wreath. So I thought a cute little banner would be fun. At first I thought of cutting scrapbook paper, then I decided on using some orange washi tape.

I’ve made banners like this before. They are really simple. I pulled out some decorative twine and wrapped the washi tape around. Then cut the bottom into a point.

Finally I added it to the wreath!

DIY Wreath for Easter: FloraCraft® Make it: Fun® Foam Wreath

Step 4 – Finishing Touches

Now the fun part, displaying the wreath. I have a perfect spot in the house for it.


It’s looks perfect on top of my entertainment center. Especially since I gave it a cool makeover.

DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath for Easter

And since FloraCraft® sent me a TON of wreaths in several different sizes, all I’ll need to find is some mini cupcake liners to make more DIY wreaths!

Easy DIY Wreath for Spring

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my latest cupcake liner wreath! A big thanks to FloraCraft® for sending me all these great wreaths. I will be working with them the next 6 months on projects with a great group of bloggers.

Every month I will receive a package from FloraCraft® with supplies and a theme. Then I have to come up with a project for it. Last month I made my Faux Wood Whale (AKA Fred the Whale).  I just love challenges like this.

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