Easy Easter Crafts: DIY Washi Tape Thread Spool Carrots

Thread spool washi tape Easter carrots

Craft Materials

Before starting this project, you’ll need the following materials:

, , Thread Spools, Scissors

I’ve been having such a GREAT time working on all my easy Easter crafts for the kids this year.

I really like incorporating my thread spools when I decorate for the holidays because they always look great. But I wasn’t sure how I’d use them for Easter.

Then all of the sudden…a light went off! I ran to my washi tape collection to see if I had any orange, and of course I did!! THEN, my next stop were my pipe cleaners. I had the perfect shade of green.

I viewed my carrot and I thought it looked perfect.

Getting Started

I have a TON of thread spools (thanks to my mom generously donating them to me). I picked out a few variations of orange washi tape, then some green pipe cleaners.

And like I always say, “I was ready to get started” in my BEST Oprah voice.

Easy Easter Decor: DIY Washi Tape Thread Spool Carrots: Getting Started

Step 1 – Wrap The Thread Spool

I tore off a COUPLE strips of my washi tape and gently wrapped them around my thread spools. Some I added two, even three strips of washi tape because they were LARGE spools.

Easy Easter Decor: DIY Washi Tape Thread Spool Carrots: Wrap The Thread Spools

Our carrots are ALMOST there!!

Step 2 – Cut Your Pipe Cleaner

I cut my pipe cleaner strands to about an 1 1/2 inches EACH. With single pipe cleaner, you can make about 6 strands.

Easy Easter Decor: DIY Washi Tape Thread Spool Carrots: Cut Your Pipe Cleaners

Side Note: If you love thread spool decor, you should check out these super simple washi tape thread spools for Spring!

Step 3 – Finishing Touches

FINALLY, I firmly placed them in the top hole of my thread spools, super easy right?? No glue required!

I always love this type of craft. Super cute and super quick!!

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I even had my son make some himself!!
Easter Craft: Washi Tape Carrots

My thread spool carrots are the CUTEST, right? I had them done in just a few minutes. I can’t wait to display them with my Easter decor or even for my Easter party this year!

Hey, maybe this could even be a kids craft my boys can do? It’s easy enough!

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