Simple DIY Dried Flower Arrangement

Simple DIY Dried Flower Arrangement

Craft Materials

Before starting this project, you’ll need the following materials:

Design it:® Silks & Naturals Desert Foam®, Colander, Flowers

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Hello everyone! It’s that time again… Another Make It Fun Challenge! This month we received a box of Design it:® Silks & Naturals Desert Foam® and the theme was botanical and dried arrangements!

I knew what I wanted to use for this project. In the Spring I planted a limelight hydrangea in the yard. I just love it and wanted to save the flowers when they started to die out and use them for a DIY Dried Flower Arrangement in the house. I did one last year for my Fall home tour, but I never added any foam to the bottom and the flowers would fall out when I moved it.

So when I opened the box, I was super excited to see the foam. Because it was time to cut the flowers if I wanted to use them. Perfect timing right!!

Getting Started

As you can see the bush is pretty small so not too many flowers blooming off. Hoping by next Spring it will be a little bigger. I had to use every flower on the bush for this project.

Simple DIY Dried Flower Arrangement

Step 1 – Pick Your Dry Foam

I grabbed the largest size piece of foam that would fit in my colander. The best part it fit perfectly! YAY, love when that happens.

On a side note, I love old colanders, they are perfect for decorating around. I would be so excited if I ever found a light blue or mint colored one.

Simple DIY Dried Flower Arrangement

Step 2 – Remove Your Leaves

Next, I removed all the leaves. When the flowers completely dry up the leaves start turning brown. So better to take them off now.

Simple DIY Dried Flower Arrangement

Step 3 – Add Your Flowers

Finally, I started placing them in my foam. I cut the stems and started working my way around the edge then filling in the middle.

I know a lot of tutorials suggest putting your flowers in water and letting them absorb it. I never did that with the one I made last year and I used it until the end of fall. So two months, after that I was tired of the look anyways.

Simple DIY Dried Flower Arrangement

Finishing Touches

Now I’m ready to display! I played around with another colander I had and I like both looks.

Simple DIY Dried Flower Arrangement

Such a simple project to do, especially if you already have the flowers on hand. This foam is also perfect to use for fake flowers or some Succulents from Design It.

Simple DIY Dried Flower Arrangement

Simple DIY Dried Flower Arrangement

Simple DIY Dried Flower Arrangement

This arrangement is going to look great sitting on the table in the kitchen.

This was our last month for the Make it Fun Challenge. It has been great working with all these super talented bloggers and seeing their creative ideas.

BUT Sharon and Jamie have decided to keep all the members on for another six months! I’m so excited because we have all the holidays coming up. Those will be some very cool challenges to do.

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