Gold Painted Decorative Logs

Gold Painted Decorative Firewood

Craft Materials

Before starting this project, you’ll need the following materials:

, Wood, Painters Tape

I been trying to get the house ready for the Fall tour I participated in a couple weeks ago.  I did a couple projects for the house but didn’t have time to post about them. So I’m playing catch up now.

One of the projects I worked on was this super easy firewood makeover. I just LOVE the look of firewood in a room especially in Fall/Winter, just makes a room feel so cozy.


Gold Painted Decorative Firewood

This is what the wood looked like before…

Getting Started

This was a total last minute project. I found my inspiration in a magazine I was looking at. I made a quick trip to my parents house to grabbed some wood!!

I pulled out some gold spray paint and was stoked to get started!!!

Gold Painted Decorative Firewood

 Step 2 – Tape Off Your Logs

I only wanted to spray paint the logs about halfway up. I pulled out my “trusty” painters tape and taped off the top of my logs.

Painters tape is a staple for my crafting supplies.

Gold Painted Decorative Firewood

Step 3 – Spray Paint Your Logs

I took the logs outside and spray painted 2 coats. This spray paint dries pretty fast so I let each coat dry for 5 minutes, then pulled off the painters tape.

Gold Painted Decorative Firewood

 Step 4 – Finishing Touches

In the magazine the logs were in a basket. I didn’t have an extra basket on hand, but I found this metal basket in my parents shed. My mom was planning on planting some flowers in it. I thought it worked perfect!!

DIY Gold Painted Decorative Firewood for Fall Decor

Such an inexpeive touch to add to any decor. That’s what I like about crafting you can turn anything into something special.

Gold Painted Decorative Firewood


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