Make a “Love You” Word Tile Picture Frame Decoration

Scrabble tile LOVE YOU frame art

Craft Materials

Before starting this project, you’ll need the following materials:

, , Wood Stain, Letter Tiles, Glue, Scissors

I just fell in “love” with this craft idea when I saw it on Pinterest. I knew I had make one to go with my Valentine day decor. This frame was so easy and inexpensive it’s ridiculous. I had it done in no time.

Getting Started

Believe it or not, I didn’t use a Dollar Tree frame for this project. I know I know, it’s so unlike me. I had this frame leftover from Christmas.

When I was putting my Christmas decorations away I kept it out thinking it would work good with a Valentine craft. Guess what? It did!!

All I needed to get for this craft was some scrapbooking paper and wooden tile letters from Michaels. They look just like Scrabble letters.

"Love You" Word Tile Picture Frame: Getting Started

Step 1 – Create Your Background

I saw scrapbooking paper that had “love” sayings all over it and thought it would look great against my red frame. I didn’t pick a busy pattern since the frame was so bold itself. I cut my paper to fit the frame.

"Love You" Word Tile Picture Frame: Create Your Background

Step 2 – Prep Your Letters

I laid out my “love you” on the paper and thought my tiles looked a little light. It need something so I painted a layer of oak stain on top. They turned out perfect (not too dark or light).

"Love You" Word Tile Picture Frame: Prep Your Letters

Step 3 – Finishing Touches

Once my stain dried, I glued my tiles on the scrapbooking paper. I just used regular crafting glue for this project. I let the whole thing dry for about half an hour, then placed the Valentine art in my frame.

"Love You" Word Tile Picture Frame: Finishing Touches

This frame was a perfect addition to my Valentines Day decor. Besides already owning the frame, all I needed to buy was a bag of tiled letters and scrapbook paper.

Now that’s decorating on a budget!! Plus, I still have a whole bag of letters left to do another project with ;)

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