How-to Make a Spooky Egg Carton Bat Decoration

Egg carton Halloween bat craft for kids

Craft Materials

Before starting this project, you’ll need the following materials:

, , , , Glue, Paint Brushes

Summer’s finally gone and Fall it starting up.

What does that mean in our house? “New…craft…projects!!!” (in my best Oprah voice). Yay!

I saw these egg carton bats on Pinterest and thought they were adorable for the boys to do. My 18 month old even got in on this project. I love that he can start crafting with his big brother now :)

Getting Started

Since I’m completely stocked up on egg cartons (I have around 50-60 in the garage), I thought this idea to would put them to great use. I grabbed a couple different styles of ribbon and was ready to get started!

Step 1 – Cut Your Egg Carton

I cut my egg carton into four pieces (leaving 3 cups for each bat). Then, I cut the bats wings out on the front of my egg cartons.

Spooky Egg Carton Bat: Cut Your Egg Carton

Step 2 – Paint Your Bats

I used regular black kids craft paint for our bats. I had the boys paint one coat and let dry for half an hour. You can see how serious they were about painting their bats…my little artists :)

Spooky Egg Carton Bat: Paint Your Bats

Step 3 – Finishing Touches

Once your bats are completely dried, add your googly eyes. I used my X-Acto Knife and cut an X at the top of my bat. I slipped a piece of ribbon through and tied a knot on the other side (to keep the ribbon from coming out).

Spooky Egg Carton Bat: Finishing Touches

The boys went “batty” making these. Bats from top to bottom: Mama’s, my oldest boy’s and my toddler’s.

I made a Fall tree for my display this year and hung my bats on there. They looked spook-tactular! I can’t wait to start making more Halloween crafts with the boys.

I think my youngest is really going to enjoy the next 3 months (with all the holiday crafts coming up)!!

Ok, it’s question time! What’s your favorite Halloween craft you love doing with your kids?

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