Make Your Own DIY Chalkboard from an old Window

Make Your Own DIY Chalkboard from an old Window

Craft Materials

Before starting this project, you’ll need the following materials:

Old Window/or Frame, Black Chalkboard Paint, White Chalk, Erasable Chalk Markers, Paint Brush

I’ve been working on giving my craft room a whole new look (YAY finally).

One project that I’ve been wanting to do is a DIY Chalkboard, always a fun kind of project to work on.  I went into a local antique store and they had an old window for $6. Right away I knew what I wanted to do with it – make an upcycled chalkboard for my craft room. I love working on projects for the house, and this will fit in perfectly with my decor.  I loved the look of the old window already and didn’t need to make any changes to it.

I can write down craft supplies needed, or even craft ideas I want to do.  It’s perfect.  I’m a very visual person, I like to always see what I need to do or get.

I did this simple DIY chalkboard craft for Crafts Unleashed.  I was able to get all my supplies through their Consumer Crafts site, which is awesome.

DIY Chalkboard

Gather up your supplies, I used the Americana Chalkboard paint which worked out perfect.



Step 1 – Add Chalkboard Paint

Add a little chalkboard paint to the center of the glass and start painting!!  I used an angled brush so I didn’t need to tape it off.  As per the instructions paint on two coats and let the first coat dry 1 hour before adding the second.  After you add the second coat let cure for 24 hours.


It’s been 24 hours!!

Step 2 – Seal the Chalkboard

Now grab some chalk and lightly rub the chalk over the surface to condition.


It even has a perfect spot for my chalk!


I love the way this upcycled chalkboard window frame turned out!

Make Your Own DIY Chalkboard from an old Window

DIY Chalkboard

Here’s a quick breakdown of the alternative chalkboard frame.  So if you can’t find an old window this is a great option as well. I used this distressed sea green frame.

Make Your Own DIY Chalkboard from an old Window

I really like how the frame turned out as well.  I’m loving the distressed look. I can put this chalkboard in my kitchen.


This miniature tricycle is pretty cool, I had to get one to put my chalk inside. Cute little touch!


I think one of my favorite parts about this upcycled chalkboard project is it’s so fast to do!! It only takes a couple minutes to paint and then once you wait the 24 hours you’re ready to go.

DIY Chalkboards are always a great addition to any room and they are pretty inexpensive to make as well!

Here are a couple other projects, I’ve made using chalkboard materials. I gave an Ikea Easel a whole new look with some chalkboard paint for my sons craft area.  I also made a chalkboard out of an extra piece of wood.

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