Message in a Bottle Simple Christmas Ornament

Message in a Bottle Simple Christmas Ornament

Craft Materials

Before starting this project, you’ll need the following materials:

Last year after Christmas I found this Message in a Bottle pack at TJMaxx.  I’ve saved them all year to make a super Simple Christmas Ornament for my Coastal Christmas Tree this year.   When I say this is a super simple Christmas ornament, I mean super simple. I had all three done in about a minutes. So this will be a quick tutorial for you guys.

Let’s get started! 

Simple Christmas Ornament


I really think these bottles are so cool, I can’t believe I found this pack for $5.99. What a deal!


I used some screw eye hooks I already had on hand and twisted it into the top of the cork.



Voila, all done!!



Next I just added a little jute to hang my ornament on the tree.



Wow as you can see I had this super simple Christmas ornament done in no time.  So if you have a coastal tree keep an eye out for these cute little message bottles.

Message in a Bottle Simple Christmas Ornament


I’m thinking of pulling the paper out and having each of my boys (3) write a message on the inside.  Maybe to Santa OR to themselves to read next year.  I think that would be a fun thing to open next year.

Here’s another new Coastal Ornament I made last week.


Looking for more Coastal Christmas Ornaments? Here’s are some more great coastal ornaments I’ve worked on over the years.  Later this week I’ll be sharing a Santa Starfish ornament I’ve been wanting to make for years now.  This should be a really fun craft to work on.

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