Make a Statement With Pebble Ombre Vase Painting

Spring inspired ombre painted vase

Craft Materials

Before starting this project, you’ll need the following materials:

, Glass Vase, Cotton Swabs

I’ve had this Dollar Tree vase for awhile now and I wanted to spruce it up for Spring. I saw this effect applied to glass cups and just loved the result. I really wanted to try it out on the vase.

This is an easy vase painting project that only cost a couple dollars! If you have some acrylic paints, old vase, and q-tips this is something you can do today!!

Getting Started

I used a vase I had from the Dollar Tree. They usually have a pretty big selection. If you have any vases around the house (and you haven’t done anything with it), this is a perfect way to pizzazz it up.

Just grab a couple of your favorite acrylic paints. I picked these colors because their Spring-y and they match the color of my website! AND (most importantly) you will need lots of cotton swabs!

Ombre Vase Painting: Getting Started

Step 1 – Paint Your First Coat

I did my colors in three different sections, using the darkest color first. I dipped a cotton swab in the paint and gently dabbed it on the vase.

Ombre Vase Painting: Paint Your First Coat

Quick Tip: Make sure you change your cotton swabs often. You don’t want them to get soggy.

Step 2 – Paint Your Second Color

Once the first coat of purple paint was dry, I went over it with the greenish color (only going half way up).

Ombre Vase Painting: Paint Your Second Color

Step 3 – Paint Your Final Coat

I finished it up with my final pink color. I only did a quarter of the way up. I wanted to create a kind of a ombre look. Pretty simple right?

Ombre Vase Painting: Paint Your Final Coat

Step 4 – Finishing Touches

I went back over the vase filling in the bare spots and making the bottom of the vase a lot thicker.

I was debating on covering the entire vase with a clear coat of paint, then decided against it. You can do it if you will be using the vase a lot.

Ombre Vase Painting: Finishing Touches

I was pretty happy with this little Dollar Tree vase. It just looks so Spring-y and brings some beautiful colors into the house. I just love the tulips in it. The hubby is going to have to keep bringing home flowers!

This is a great idea to do for any occasion, like Christmas or Valentines? Hey I might have my next craft project brewing up!

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