Make a Kids Spider Web Marble Art Craft

Kids craft: Marble spider web art

Craft Materials

Before starting this project, you’ll need the following materials:

, , , Marbles, Plastic Spiders, Glue

Yay, Halloween is here! I’ve needed my holiday craft fix for awhile now. I haven’t done one since the fourth of July. We’ve done a lot of summer crafts, but my favorites are holidays.

I thought spider web marble art would be a great idea. I’ve already done one spider craft with the boys. You can’t have too many spiders in the house right??

Getting Started

I used white paint as my spider web (and thought it would really look nice against a gray background). I grabbed some marbles and my spiders and we were ready to get started!!

Step 1 – Cover Your Marbles with Paint

I got a small bowl and poured white paint in and added 2 marbles. I had my son roll them around in the paint until they were completely covered.

Spider Web Marble Art Craft: Halloween Craft: Cover Your Marbles

Step 2 – Place Your Marbles on the Cardstock

I placed my paper in a large baking pan. I’ve seen where people have put them in boxes, but my baking pan is the perfect size for cardstock paper. Once the marbles were covered in paint, I had him drop them on the paper.

Spider Web Marble Art Craft: Halloween Craft: Place Your Marbles on the Paper

Step 3 –  Creating Your Spider Web

He picked the baking pan up and started rolling the marbles back and fourth (and front to back). He had a good time with this part!

Spider Web Marble Art Craft: Halloween Craft: Make Your Spider Web
That's a serious crafting face right there!!
Spider Web Marble Art Craft: Halloween Craft: Finished Spider Web
Here's our perfect spider web!

Step 4 –  Finishing Touches

It really depends on how dark you want your spider web to be. We only did this routine one more time. I didn’t want our spider web to be too thick.

I had a bag of spiders I got from the Dollar Tree and glued on a couple orange ones. I thought the orange really popped against the gray background.

Spider Web Marble Art Craft: Halloween Craft: Finishing Touches

Once we were done, I added it to our Halloween craft board. Two Halloween crafts done (and it’s just the first week of October). Wow, we’re on the ball!!

I really like the marble art. I think the effect the marbles makes looks really nice. What’s a creative way you have done marble art?

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