Welcome to Crafts by Courtney

Welcome to Crafts by Courtney: Get to know our craft blog

Hello there! First off, Courtney and I want to welcome you to Crafts by Courtney. She’s out crafting right now, so I’m taking a moment to introduce the site and myself.

I figure the best way to do this would be in a Q/A format (it makes things easy to follow). I would like to try answering the following questions:

What can I expect from Crafts by Courtney?

Before answering this question, let me say this first. Me and Courtney both feel Crafts by Courtney isn’t going to be just a website, it will be part of the crafting/DIY movement.

With the introduction of Pinterest, it’s allowed crafters and creatives to create and share so easy. Our site is one of many integral pieces that makes Pinterest so great!

…Crafts by Courtney isn’t…just a website, it will be part of the crafting/DIY movement.

Now onto what you can expect for Crafts by Courtney…I’d like to tackle this question in 2 parts. The 1st answer is in regards to expectations of the website. The 2nd response is about Crafts by Courtney on social media networks.


To keep things simple, Crafts by Courtney is all about crafting tutorials! My wife has worked so hard to create really fun and easy how-to crafts for your home and your kids.

The site also has great do-it-yourself parties that she has personally made for our friends and our kids. I think they are full of DIY inspiration and ideas. Did I mention she inspires me?

Social Media

Courtney and I are also active on many of the social media platforms (we know and love). Crafts by Courtney posts content to the following social media sites:

  • Pinterest: Courtney likes using Pinterest to pin interesting craft and party ideas
  • Facebook: Courtney will use Facebook to post links to free stuff and updates when new articles are released
  • Google+: I’ll be using Google+ (with Courtney) to help moms improve their websites and photography
  • Twitter: Courtney will also use Twitter to tweet about craft ideas and party inspiration

What makes this site different than other craft sites?

The difference between Crafts by Courtney and other crafting sites is our strong how-to format and optimized user experience.

How-to Instruction Format

When we first came up with the idea, we noticed LOTS of great crafts across the web, but many were missing directions. We feel Crafts by Courtney solves this problem.

Our mission is to ensure that each craft we post provides the following:

  • List of required materials and supplies
  • Easy to follow step-by-step instructions
  • Big pretty photographs

Optimal User Experience

Another problem we found (using Pinterest) was how hard it was to FIND crafts (on the original site) that were pinned. They seemed to…disappear.

Even more troublesome, was the difficulty of finding more crafts similar to the ones we liked. When viewing a category, it took a LONG time to get to the bottom of the section to view the next page in the category.

…how hard it was to FIND crafts that were pinned. They seemed to…disappear.

We also saw a need to provide a great browsing experience across ALL devices! From mobile devices to tablets and desktops, Crafts by Courtney looks great on all of them!

To solve these issues (AND MORE) we took the following actions:

  • Images are only pinnable from the original post
  • Category pages are presented in an easy-to-read gallery format
  • Website is completely responsive (check out our site on your desktop)
  • Many posts (parties for example) use embedded slideshows
  • Share YOUR crafts with Courtney using our Submit a Craft page

Courtney and I have worked endlessly to create a site that is beautiful and fun to use! We hope you feel the same :)

Who is “hubby” and what does he write about?

Alright, the obvious answer is I’m Courtney’s husband. I’m also a web designer and aspiring photographer (I even have my own corner of the site).

When I’m writing on the site, I’ll be talking to moms/mommy bloggers about some of the following topics:

I’m hoping my point-of-view will be a refreshing twist in the crafting and mommy blogging community. I have over 5 years experience in web design and will be sharing LOTS of tips that will make your website better!

I still have questions, how can I learn more about Crafts by Courtney?

If you couldn’t find what you needed, you may find the following helpful:

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed my first post. We really wanna’ know our readers, so please introduce yourself in the comments below.

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