Halloween BOO Button Pumpkin Decor

BOO button Halloween pumpkins

I think every time I go to the store, my son talks me into getting another small pumpkin. They’re usually a $1.00 each, so I give in every time.

I think I have 8 small pumpkins and counting right now. I figured I need to start doing something with them.

…every time I go to the store, my son talks me into getting another small pumpkin.

I have seen several different ways to decorate them, but I thought buttons were the cutest. I have just started doing button crafts and I fell in LOVE with them!

I’m putting buttons on anything and everything! Since I have all these buttons, I decided to craft Boo Button Pumpkins.

I grabbed some buttons and my “Trusty” hot glue gun and was ready to get started!! I didn’t have any outline of the letters.I just free handed it the best I could.

Not too bad right??

Halloween Craft: Halloween BOO Button Pumpkin Craft

Once the glue was completely dry, I displayed my new décor on my mantel for Halloween. I think it added a lovely detail with the buttons.

I have done so many pumpkins crafts for Halloween, it was nice to do a quick and easy one (I think it looks super cute). Dare I say it’s, “Boo-tackular!”

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