Easter Party Idea – Plasticware Carrots

Carrot napkins - Serving idea for Easter

Looking for a CUTE way to display plasticware at your upcoming Easter party?? Check out these adorable carrot plasticware sets I made for a previous Easter party.

I originally saw the idea on Spoonful and totally loved it! They were SUPER simple to make and they looked great on the display table.

These easy-to make Easter carrot plasticware sets ONLY need these materials:

Time to Make Your Carrots

I cut my pipe cleaners to about 2 1/2 inches EACH.

I folded my napkins around the plasticware and then wrapped my CUT pieces of pipe cleaners to keep the plasticware in place.

Easter Party Ideas: Simple-to Make Plasticware Carrots for Easter

These plasticware Easter carrots were a pretty way to display the eating utensils.

I really loved the way the carrots turned out and I got so many compliments on them.

It’s a BEAUTIFUL and unique way to display your plasticware and like I said, “It’s so easy to do!”

Easter Party: Simple-to Make Plasticware Carrots for Easter: Carrot Craft

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I think the Easter parties I have every year are one of my favorite parties. I really try to make is a GREAT experience for everyone.

I think Easter parties…are one of my favorite parties.

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