DIY Coaster TMNT Christmas Ornaments

We love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in our house. So we thought we would make a Christmas ornament out of coasters for a fun kids TMNT Christmas craft.

Craft Materials

Before starting this project, you’ll need the following materials:

, , , , Coasters

I’m so excited to share another Christmas craft I did with the boys!! A couple months ago we did some toilet paper roll ninja turtles and they were such a hit. So I thought we would make some TMNT Christmas ornaments.

The idea started when I found these awesome coasters for $1.00. I’ve been saving them for a another project but never got around to it. One of my friends showed me some cute TMNT ornaments and thought I should make some with the boys. I took the challenge!!

I wanted to make something different. I thought the coasters were a perfect shape for an ornament and turtle head.

Getting Started

Once you have the coasters everything else is pretty easy to gather up! We decided to use a metallic green instead of a basic green. I thought the metallic was a little more festive.

DIY Coaster TMNT Christmas Ornaments

I forgot the hot glue gun here.

Step 1 – Paint Coasters

I only needed to paint one coat on the coasters. BUT the coasters do take awhile to dry. I let mine dry for about 30 minutes.

So maybe paint them before lunch and by the time lunch is over they should be completely dry!!

DIY Coaster TMNT Christmas Ornaments

Step 2 – Cut and add Mask

Next it’s time to make the mask. I cut a strip for the front of the mask and two of the small shapes for the sides.

I added a little hot glue to keep them all in place.  We use hot glue for a lot of our projects. I of course am supervising the entire time!

DIY Coaster TMNT Christmas Ornaments

Step 3 – Add Googly Eyes

Now it’s time the add our fun googly eyes! Just dab some hot glue on the back, voila!

DIY Coaster TMNT Christmas Ornaments

Step 4 – Add Turtle Face

With the face I drew out the nose and mouth with a sharpie. Then I went over with black paint. I didn’t like how the sharpie looked but it was great to guide me when painting.

Once the black paint was dry I added a touch of red for the tongue.

DIY Coaster TMNT Christmas Ornaments

Step 5 – Add Your Ribbon

Finally add your festive ribbon to hang your ornaments up! I wish I had a festive ribbon for every color of the turtles to match. That would have been pretty cute!


Step 6 – Finishing Touches

This project turned out so cool and they look great on the tree!! The boys were so excited to hang them up. I was kinda excited too.

DIY Coaster TMNT Christmas Ornaments

I’m so glad I used the coasters for this projects!! I have some more really cool ornaments I want to make out of the coasters as well.

DIY Coaster Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Christmas Ornaments

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If you like these ornaments then you have to check out the rest of my kids Christmas crafts!! I hope you enjoyed the craft as much a we did making it. I can’t wait to make some more with the boys!!

Easy Kids Christmas Ornaments - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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