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Make a Tissue Paper Heart Wreath With Your Kids

It’s so much fun doing holiday crafts with the kids. It’s my favorite part about crafting. I love making special memories with the boys and making a big deal about every holiday no matter how big or small it is.

I have recently done a couple tissue paper crafts. I had all this tissue paper left over so I thought, why not make a tissue paper heart?

Getting Started

I got all my tissue paper at the Dollar Tree. They have many different packs of colors there. I also grabbed some ribbon while I was there. I cut a piece of cardboard I had laying around the house into a heart shape and was ready to get started.

Tissue Paper Heart Wreath: Getting Started

I had a piece a scrap cardboard laying around and used that for my heart. See I save EVERYTHING!

Step 1 – Cut Your Tissue Paper

I cut all my tissue paper into small squares first so it would be easy for him to start working on his project. The last thing you want is an impatient crafter waiting on you. I used pink and red tissue paper for this project to stick with Valentine colors.

Tissue Paper Heart Wreath: Cut Your Tissue Paper

It only took me a couple minutes to get the tissue paper cut up.

Step 2 – Create Your Tissue Paper Heart

I had my son paint glue all over his heart first. Then, scrunch his tissue paper a little and put over top of the glue. We did the outer edge first, then filled in the middle of the heart (checking for bare spots).

Tissue Paper Heart Wreath: Create Your Tissue Paper Heart

Quick Tip: Make sure your little ones don’t scrunch the paper too much or it will become a ball. So, lightly have them scrunch it.

Step 3 – Finishing Touches

For my Valentine decor, I taped some ribbon on the back and displayed the heart wreath on the front of my china cabinet.

Tissue Paper Heart Wreath: Finishing Touches

I think this craft is super cute and it goes great with my Valentine decorations. I love incorporating the kids crafts into my decorating!

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Hi, I'm Courtney and I LOVE crafting! I am a mommy to 3 awesome boys (who keep me very busy) and wife to a loving husband. Crafts by Courtney is where I like to hang out ;)

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