DIY Baby Food Jars Turned Valentine Storage Decor

Baby food jar craft: Valentine storage jars

Craft Materials

Before starting this project, you’ll need the following materials:

, Baby Food Jars, Chalkboard Heart Labels

On a recent trip to JoAnns, I was browsing the Valentine section and saw these cute little Valentine jars.

They were adorable and knew I could make something similar myself. Why pay $12.99 each, when I could make 4 for LESS than the price of one?

They were adorable and knew I could make something similar…

I found a sales person and asked, “Where are your chalkboard labels?” and found some really cute heart ones! They TOTALLY matched the look I was going for! I was super excited to get home (and put the kids down for a nap) and get started on one of my new valentine crafts!! YAY!

Getting Started

The chalkboard heart labels were around $5.00, BUT of course, I used my “Handy Dandy” 40% off coupon! I already had spray paints left over from other craft projects.

Since I’m REALLY into turquoise right now, I wanted to make a couple jars using it. I decided to use baby food jars I had left over from my son, but you can use a LARGER jar if you’d like.

Valentine Storage Jars: Getting Started
Check out the next image to see my inspiration picture.
Valentine Storage Jars
These are the jars I saw at JoAnns. I had to take a quick pic with my phone.

Side Note: If you like home crafts using baby food jars, then you’ll LOVE this beachy baby food jar decor idea!

Step 1 – Spray Paint Your Jars and Lids

I took my jars outside, and spray painted 3 coats on the jars (letting them dry a half hour each time). I did the SAME process with the lids.

My poor grass looks like a CRIME SCENE from the red spray paint, but totally worth it, LOL!

Valentine Storage Jars: Spray Painted Jars
Painting the jars was easy. They turned out really great!
Valentine Storage Jars: After the jars were spray painted
Love the turquoise with the white lids. Really glad I chose this color too!

Quick Tip: To remove the glue from a baby food jar’s label, I recommend Goo Gone. Use nail polish remover to “erase” any expiration dates from the glass.

Step 2 – Add Your Chalkboard Hearts

Once my jars were completely dry, I pulled out my chalkboard heart stickers and gently added them to the jars. Voila, so easy!!

The ORIGINAL inspiration jars did not have chalk heart labels (the hearts were painted on). I thought the chalkboard heart labels gave them a little something EXTRA!

Valentine Storage Jars: Chalkboard hearts
Valentine Storage Jars: Add Your chalkboard hearts

Step 3 – Finishing Touches

To put a finish on this craft, I pulled out some chalk and wrote my little sayings on them. Super cute, I can’t wait to start using them!

Valentine Storage Jars: Baby Food Jar Craft
Valentine Storage Jars: Valentine Craft Ideas
I {heart} my new Valentine storage jars!!
Valentine Storage Jars: Valenine Ideas and decor
Valentine Storage Jars: Baby Food Jar Ideas

Quick Tip: Whenever I write with chalk, I sharpen my chalk FIRST. It’s much easier to write with. Works great every time!

There are so many things you can do with these jars. I think they would make a REALLY CUTE gift with candies inside to give someone or even use them for display or storage.

There are so many things you can do with these jars.

I plan on using these cute little jars for storage (maybe to store beads and buttons in my craft area)!! Since I used chalkboard labels, I can WRITE what’s inside the jars.

One of my FAVORITE things about this craft, is you don’t have to spend a lot to make. I’m sure we all have cans of spray paint and a couple glass jars saved. All you need to do is grab some chalk labels and you’re set!

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