Make Your Own Beach Themed Baby Food Jar Decor

DIY beachy baby food jar decor

Craft Materials

Before starting this project, you’ll need the following materials:

, Baby Food Jars, Plastic Sea Creatures, Hot Glue, Glue Gun, Goo Gone

I’ve seen a couple ideas on Pinterest showing where you glue small toys on baby food jar lids and spray paint them. I just loved the idea and I have a ton of baby food jars.

Since It’s summertime, I’m all about the beach vibe in the house right now. I wanted to make some to match the beach theme I have going.

Getting Started

On a recent trip to the Dollar Tree, I found bags of sea creatures. I was planning on using them for a sensory bin for the kids. Then I thought, why not use a couple and make these cute beach themed baby food jars. I grabbed some hot glue and gold spray paint and was ready to get started!!

Beach Themed Baby Food Jar Decor: Getting Started

Side Note: I you LOVE baby food jars and Valentine Crafts, I really think you’ll enjoy these baby food jars turned Valentine decor.

Step 1 – Clean Your Baby Food Jars

Once I was done with my baby food jar, I cleaned it out and used some Goo Gone to get the label off.  I washed it off with some dish soap and voila and nice clean jar!

Beach Themed Baby Food Jar Decor: Clean Your Baby Food Jar

Step 2 – Glue on Your Sea Creatures

My first jar I decided to use the fish. I added some hot glue to the bottom of the fish and firmly pressed it on the top of the lid. Since I used hot glue it only took a couple minutes to dry.

Beach Themed Baby Food Jar Decor: Glue on Your Sea Creature

Quick Tip: If you’re putting these jars where kids will get a hold of them, I would suggest using a stronger glue. I will be using these for display, so I only used hot glue.

Step 3 – Spray Paint Your Lid

I took the lids outside and spray painted them with three coats of gold spray paint. I waited about 15 minutes after spray painting each coat.

Beach Themed Baby Food Jar Decor: Spray Paint Your Lid

Step 4 – Finishing Touches

I let the lids sit outside for an hour, then brought them in. Once they were completely dry, I added the lids and they were ready to display!!

Beach Themed Baby Food Jar Decor: Finishing Touches
For the startfish I just cut a small piece of the "tube feet" off and glued it to the lid.
Beach Themed Baby Food Jar Decor: Spray Painted Starfish

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with them yet. These cute jars would work great for storing buttons or beads, or even adding bath salts for the bathroom.

I had some leftover starfish, so I spray painted a couple of them as well. I think they will be adorable accents when I’m ready to display!!

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