Easy-to Make Spring Inspired Crayon Resist Watercolor Art for Kids

Crayon resist watercolor art

Craft Materials

Before starting this project, you’ll need the following materials:

, , , Paint Brush

My son was really eager to get crafting today! I wanted to do something super QUICK he could do by himself (while I was watching his two younger brothers).

I really haven’t done a watercolor craft in AWHILE and I thought, “Why not give it a shot today?”

But I didn’t want to make a typical watercolor craft. I decided on watercolor RESIST art using a white crayon.

Getting Started

To get started on this craft, you need 4 things: Watercolors…check! Paint brush…check! White crayon…check! AND Cardstock…check!

PLUS, anyone with young kids pretty much has these supplies on-hand.


Side Note: Love this watercolor artwork? Then, your kids will REALLY enjoy this fun sidewalk chalk art craft!

Step 1 – Draw Your Picture in Crayon

My son drew his picture FIRST (using a white crayon). I think the hardest part was remembering WHERE he was drawing, but he did great!

Crayon Resist Watercolor Art for Kids: Draw your picture

Look at that serious crafting face…LOVE it!

Step 2 – Paint on Your Watercolors

Once he was done drawing his picture, he was ready to start using his watercolors. He was SUPER excited to see what his picture was going to look like!!

I love ALL the color combinations he chose. He did a beautiful job!


Step 3 – Finishing Touches

I let EACH watercolor painting dry for about 40 minutes before I was ready to display. This is really a fun and easy craft for kids to do.

Crayon Resist Watercolor Art for Kids: Watercolor craft
Notice the jumbo paint palette above the art? It's DIY craft!
Crayon Resist Watercolor Art for Kids
Crayon Resist Watercolor Art for Kids: Create a fun watercolor art with your kids
Crayon Resist Watercolor Art for Kids
Watercolor resist Art for Kids

Quick Tip: Make SURE watercolors are completely dry BEFORE hanging up (I learned the hard way)!

This was a great craft for him to work on and kept him busy for OVER an hour. I think he ended up painting 4 pictures.

I would’ve had my 3 year old do one, BUT he wasn’t in a crafting mood today. Even so…I thought it was pretty COOL, and had to make a couple myself.

I think he did an awesome job working on his craft (and of course I PROUDLY displayed his beautiful watercolor artwork on my Dollar Tree decorative clipboards)!!

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