The Best Dollar Tree Finds for Spring

The Best Dollar Tree Finds for Spring Roundup

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On a recent trip to the Dollar Tree I found ALL KINDS of goodies.  I was super excited so, I thought I’d write a quick post with all The Best Dollar Tree Finds for Spring.  I’ve NEVER written a post like this before, usually it’s just a craft tutorial, DIY party or roundup. But I thought why not give it a try.  These items are too good not to share with everyone.

Plus I’ll be doing craft/decorating projects with all these items. So here’s a quick look at my basket. This was one of those trips I walked in to get a couple Valentine things for my boys. I had a certain thing in mind I needed to get, a run in and out situation.  Then I started seeing all these goodies everywhere. The first was the succulents and cactus, so I started taking some videos that I was planning on sharing on instagram.  Everyone was looking at me like I was crazy.  I’m like “it’s ok, I’m a blogger, I’m sharing it on Instagram”.  They’d give me a strange look and walk away.

But then the basket started getting bigger and bigger, then I blacked out and $50.00 later I bought everything I could.

So let’s take a look shall we!!

The Best Dollar Tree Finds!

The Best Dollar Tree Finds for Spring

1. Faux Cactus

This is the first year I’ve seen these Faux Cactus at the Dollar Tree.  My son is obsessed with cactus, everytime we go into the store when their in season he wants me to get him one.  So I plan on doing a fun project for his room with these little guys. There was a total of 7 different styles so I got all 7!!

The Best Dollar Tree Finds for Spring - Cactus!

2. Faux Succulents

Now these are the BEST! I got some last year, and made a Succulent Wreath Farmhouse Style. SO of course I had to grab every one they had.  I have had another project in mind using succulents and these will be perfect!  Honestly I feel like are pretty close in looks to the ones at Michaels right now and of course way cheaper.

The Best Dollar Tree Finds for Spring - Succulents

3. Galvanized Pots

I stopped in my tracks when I saw these pots, I just left Michaels before I went to the Dollar Tree and they have a HUGE selection of galvanized pots right now.  I wanted to buy them all, but of course that’s not realistic budget wise. So when I saw these, I thought this won’t break the bank!  Add some of those cute faux plants from Ikea and your set! I got 3 of them, maybe I can add some tulips as well.

The Best Dollar Tree Finds for Spring - Flowers Pots

4. More Galvanized Pots

I saw these galvanized pots last year and loved them.  But I didn’t grab them and when I went back they were all gone. So I was really excited that they brought them back this year.  I’m thinking of putting these on the porch and adding some flowers.

The Best Dollar Tree Finds for Spring - Pots

5. Clear Plastic Terrarium

These plastic terrariums are great!  I have some great ideas for this, of course I’ll have to use the succulent or cactus for this project.  I would love to figure out a way to use them as a kids project for the blog.

The Best Dollar Tree Finds for Spring - Terrarium

6. Nautical Rope

Now this is a great find!!  I’ve used nautical rope for several projects on the blog.  One of my favorites is the Nautical Rope Mirror I did last year.  So this rope will be used for sure!

The Best Dollar Tree Finds for Spring - Nautical Rope

7. Coastal Inspired Glass Vase

I don’t know if these are considered coastal, but they fit in perfectly with my coastal vibe in the house. I added a simple Faux Fern to one of the green vases and it looks so nice!

The Best Dollar Tree Finds for Spring - Coastal Glass Vase

8. Bottled Shells

I LOVE these!  Just the shells alone is a great find.  Bags of small shells at the craft store are pretty expensive.  But I just love the overall look of these, they will be great as an accent in the house.

The Best Dollar Tree Finds for Spring - Bottled Shells

9. Mini Terra-Cotta Clay Pots

I bought 5 packs of these Terra Cotta Clay pots for projects.  These are the pots I used for my succulent wreath I made last year.  Walmart has mini pots, but I think they are too small.  These are a perfect size for a craft project.

The Best Dollar Tree Finds for Spring - Clay Pots

As you can see these are the BEST Dollar Tree Finds right now!!  I will have a ton of new projects coming up on the blog over the next couple weeks.  I don’t know which one I should start on first!


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