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How-to Make a “Wicked” Inspired Ikea Wall Frame

It’s that time of year again…Halloween! I just love any reason to decorate (and since I haven’t had a holiday to decorate for since July 4th), I am ready.

I’m a huge Wicked fan. I’ve read the books (if you haven’t it’s a must). My husband even surprised me this past year and took me to see the musical. Since that night, I knew I wanted to have a Wicked wall up for Halloween this year.

I’ve been planning this idea for awhile now!!

On my Silhouette Facebook group, someone posted an image I liked. I worked with it and erased some stuff until I thought it was perfect.

Getting Started

For this project you’re going to need a Silhouette Cameo with Silhouette Studio Designer Edition. You’re also going to need the Wicked Silhouette file.

I had this frame from Ikea ($25 bucks, total bargain) that I knew I wanted to use it for my witch silhouette. I grabbed some sparkly and regular cardstock to get started.

Halloween Craft: Wicked Ikea Frame: Getting Started

I just LOVE the glitter cardstock I used. If you know me, you know I love adding some sparkle to my projects.

Step 1 – Open the Witch File and Cut Out Silhouette(s)

I wanted my witch to fill my Ikea frame, so I separated the witch into four sections (and that’s how the file was saved). All you need to do it make it the size you need.

If you’re not planning to make the witch as large as mine, you can use the unseparated version (provided as well in the download).

I cut each section of the witch (with my nose separate with the left over paper). I used the red glittery cardstock for the mouth and then cut that separately.

Halloween Craft: Wicked Ikea Frame: Silhouette Screen shot

I wanted a large witch, so I needed to separate her into 4 sections.
Halloween Craft: Wicked Ikea Frame: Cut Top Left

{Top Left}
Halloween Craft: Wicked Ikea Frame: Cut Top Right

{Top Right}
Halloween Craft: Wicked Ikea Frame: Cut Bottom Left

{Bottom Left}
Halloween Craft: Wicked Ikea Frame: Cut Bottom Right

{Bottom Right}
Halloween Craft: Wicked Ikea Frame: Cut Nose

Halloween Craft: Wicked Ikea Frame: Cut Mouth

Can’t forget her shimmery red lips!

Step 2 – Secure the Back of the Witch

Since my witch was cut into 4 pieces, I had to tape the backs together (so they wouldn’t come apart). I wanted to make sure you weren’t able to see any color in between the lines, so I lined the taped parts with more black cardstock.

Halloween Craft: Wicked Ikea Frame: Secure Back of Witch

Halloween Craft: Wicked Ikea Frame: Tape the Pieces Together

Gently press the edges together and tape them down.
Halloween Craft: Wicked Ikea Frame: Witch Taped Together

The black strips will minimize the separation lines.

Quick Tip: Make sure you tape the witch down backwards (to avoid tape showing). Then flip it over.

Step 3 – Fill in the Background and Add Details to Witch

I found the perfect shade of green for my witch. I cut my cardstock into pieces (making sure that I covered all the openings) and taped them down. Then I added my nose and mouth pieces.

Halloween Craft: Wicked Ikea Frame: Fill in The Background

Halloween Craft: Wicked Ikea Frame: Background Filled In

Halloween Craft: Wicked Ikea Frame: Add Nose and Mouth

Now this is a beautiful witch, right!??

Step 4 – Add Your Sparkly Outer Background

I pulled out the back of my Ikea frame and laid down my green glittery cardstock. I traced out my shape and cut it out (I needed two pieces of the cardstock for this part).

Halloween Craft: Wicked Ikea Frame: Add Your Outter Background

This cardstock totally made me think of the Emerald City when I saw it!
Halloween Craft: Wicked Ikea Frame: Cover Your Cardboard

Halloween Craft: Wicked Ikea Frame: Outter background Finished

Now this is starting to look…good!

Quick Tip: Conserve your paper and cut out the middle of your cardstock. Then apply it to the edges of your background. Since the paper is sparkly, it still looks seamless.

Step 5 – Finishing Touches

Once everything was finished, I was ready to display my frame!! This was probably one of my favorite projects I’ve worked on and most stressful.

Halloween Craft: Wicked Ikea Frame: Finishing Touches

Be sure to check out my Halloween decor post for some great Halloween decorating ideas.

My frame looks great in the front room. I don’t think I’ll ever want to take it down (this might be going in the bedroom after Halloween)…

I really wanted to finish off the wall and tie everything in together. I decided to make her “flying monkeys” to go with the frame, (stay tuned for that post).

A big thanks to my husband for all the help he did with this project. I couldn’t have done it without you!! 

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