Create a Quick and Easy Fall Inspired Centerpiece

Create an easy Fall floral centerpiece

My sweet husband surprised me with flowers the other day. I know what a nice guy! I had an extra Mod Podge pumpkin I made sitting on the island in my kitchen and realized the flowers and pumpkin looked beautiful together.

I thought they would make a great centerpiece for my kitchen. I pulled out a serving tray and set my pumpkin and flower arrangement inside. Voila, instant Fall centerpiece.

I pulled out a serving tray…pumpkin and flower arrangement…Voila, instant Fall centerpiece.

I immediately had to bring out my camera and snap a couple pictures. It just looked so beautiful I had to share. This is probably one of my favorite pumpkins I’ve done.

I’ve become a bit obsessed with pumpkin crafts. I keep seeing new ideas all over Pinterest. This Pinterest is killing me. Luckily I LOVE crafting!!

Fall Craft: Fall Inspired Centerpiece

Out of all the pumpkin crafts I’ve recently done the Mod Podge pumpkins are by far my favorite. The new Tiffany inspired pumpkins I just did is a close number two. And the thumbtack pumpkins are coming in at number three.


I think hydrangeas are quickly becoming one of my favorite flowers. They are so beautiful. But I still LOVE my sunflowers.

What a simple centerpiece I had done in no time!! I wasn’t even planning on making one for that area. A big thanks to the hubby for my beautiful flowers, they made the centerpiece.

If you haven’t already made a Mod Podge pumpkin I highly suggest it. They’re so easy, just check out my Mod Podge pumpkin tutorial!!

What’s a favorite pumpkin craft you’ve done or would like to share with us?

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