Build a Beachy Pallet and Starfish Wall Craft

DIY starfish and pallet wall art

Craft Materials

Before starting this project, you’ll need the following materials:

Frame Hooks, Starfish, Old Pallet, Hot Glue, Glue Gun, Hammer, Nails

Beach season is here. Well I guess it’s always beach season here in Florida. I’ve lived in Florida since I was a little girl and have never decorated with beach decor. I thought it’s time!!!

My first project was this starfish wall art I created out of an old pallet I had laying around. This was one of those super simple projects that I came up with out of no where.

I wasn’t planning on making this. I wanted to use these pallets for a sign in my kitchen, but one thing lead to another and voilà beach wall art was created!

Getting Started

My sweet and amazing husband surprised me with some pallets out in our garage. Who needs flowers when you get a pile of pallets to craft with!

I live in Florida so I pretty much have an unlimited supply of shells right? Well, I got these shells at Michael’s.

I just didn’t have time to drive down to the beach and pick up shells. Michael’s was the next best option. Plus Michael’s has EVERYTHING.

Pallet and Starfish Wall Decoration: Getting Started

Step 1 – Break the Pallets Apart

I really don’t have any great advice on breaking the pallets apart. I just got a hammer and went to it.

I’ve seen on other sites where people have gotten special tools to take them apart. My tip is…a little patience and a good hammer does the trick. Just be prepared to have your eardrums busted. It gets so loud, yikes!

Step 2 – Put Your Pallet Back Together Again

I used an extra piece of the pallet and cut it in two pieces to fit the back of the pallet. I laid them on the back part of my pallets and used some small nails to hammer them in place.

Being careful will make sure my pallets are securely together. I don’t want these falling apart on me once I hang them on the wall.

Pallet and Starfish Wall Decoration: Put Your Pallet Back Together Again

Step 3 – Add Your Starfish

Like I said, I found these bags of starfish at Michaels. But honestly, I’ve seen bags of shells everywhere (especially at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s).

Once I decided the order I wanted my shells, I just added a little hot glue on the backs. Enough to make sure they will stay in place, but not too much if I ever decide to take them off.

Pallet and Starfish Wall Decoration: Add Your Starfish

Step 4 – Finishing Touches

I nailed some frame hardware hooks to the back of my pallets and it was ready to hang on the wall. With a little help from the hubby, my project was hung and done in no time.

Pallet and Starfish Wall Craft: Finishing Touches

I think my summer pallet craft turned out great! I just love the rustic look of the pallets. I really feel they look like old drift wood.

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