Create Jack-O-Lantern Art From Apple Stamping

Jack-o-lantern apple stamping craft for kids

Craft Materials

Before starting this project, you’ll need the following materials:

, , , Apples, Fork

Since we did the fruit stamping craft this past Summer

I thought, “Lets make a Jack-O-Lantern Apple Stamping craft!” I think the end results came out really cute.

Getting Started

I used a couple old apples I had in the fridge (I didn’t want to waste a new crisp apple).

This is a perfect craft to do when you’re about to throw away old apples. You know, those apples sitting in the fridge a little too long.

Jack-O-Lantern Apple Stamping: Halloween Craft: Getting Started

Step 1 – Create Your Pumpkin’s Face

I cut my apple in half and used a knife to carve out my eyes and mouth.

Jack-O-Lantern Apple Stamping: Halloween Craft: Create Your Pumpkin Face

He was pretty excited to make his pumpkins!

Step 2 – Dip Your Apple

I had my son dip his apple into orange paint (making sure the front of the apple was completely covered with paint). Then, he firmly pressed the apple onto the paper.

Jack-O-Lantern Apple Stamping: Halloween Craft: Dip Your Apple

He was very serious about creating the perfect Jack-O-Lantern apple stamp!

Quick Tip: I put forks in the backs of my apples so my son could get a better grip.

Step 3 – Finishing Touches

Once our Jack-O-Lanterns were dry, I had my son fill in the eyes, nose and mouth with black paint. He had lots of fun creating his faces.

…I even got in on the action and made a couple faces myself.

Jack-O-Lantern Apple Stamping: Halloween Craft: Finishing Touches

Once again, the apple stamping was a hit! My son is at the stage where he would rather play with his fruit then eat it.

Maybe I’m not setting a good example with all this fruit stamping, yikes…

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