Nice and Easy DIY Valentines Heart Trees

Valentine heart tree craft

Craft Materials

Before starting this project, you’ll need the following materials:

, , Glass Candle Holders, Glue Gun, Hot Glue, Heart Punch, Foam Cone, Foam Hearts, Craft Glue

I’m really excited to start working on some Valentine’s Day crafts. One of the FIRST crafts I got started on this year, were these adorable Valentine trees made with paper hearts.

They are so cute, inexpensive and easy to make. My three favorite things!

I’m really excited to start working on some Valentine’s Day crafts.

Mint and gold is such a popular combination right now. I really wanted to incorporate it into this year’s Valentine home decor.

Getting Started

For this craft, I got ALL of my materials from the Dollar Tree and Michaels (besides the heart punch). I scrapbook, so I already had a heart punch. But ANY craft store will have one.

Some stores (like the Dollar Tree) already have pre-cut hearts. In my finishing touches picture, you will see an example.

The glass candle holders and foam hearts are also from the Dollar Tree. Gotta’ love that place!

Valentines Heart Trees Getting Started Materials

Step 1 – Glue Your Candle Holder to the Foam Cone

I decided to just use hot glue for this step. I made some last year and they’re still intact!!

All you need to do is, add a thick layer of hot glue to the top of your candle holder. Then, FIRMLY press the foam cone to the top of the candle holder. Voila, all done!

Valentines Heart Trees Add Your Hot Glue
Valentines Heart Trees Add Your Candle Holder to The Cone

Side Note: If you’re enjoying these Valentine trees, then why not try my stenciled Valentine heart frames!

Step 2 – Cut Your Hearts

For this step, you can use whatever kind of hearts you like. I already had the heart punch, so it worked out best for me. The trees I made last year I used glittery hearts from

I saw that Lolly Jane actually cut out felt hearts for her tree and it turned out super cute!

Valentines Heart Trees Cut Your Hearts
Valentines Heart Trees Hearts

Step 3 – Add Your Hearts

I added a small amount of hot glue to the back of my heart and firmly pressed them on the cone (slightly overlapping the hearts).

This part was REALLY SIMPLE. I had both trees done in 15 minutes!

Valentines Heart Trees Add Your Hearts
Valentines Heart Trees For Easy Valentine Craft
Valentines Heart Trees Add Your Heats to the Cone

Step 4 – Add Glitter to Your Hearts

I like the pink hearts I got from the Dollar Tree, BUT I really wanted a mint and gold theme. I lightly covered the hearts with glue and sprinkled fine glitter over top.

Valentines Heart Trees: Glitter Your Hearts
Valentines Heart Trees Dollar Tree Heart
Valentines Heart Trees Add Your Glitter

Quick Tip: I made sure to leave a little of the stick on the heart (about an inch) so it would be easy to press them into the foam cone.

Step 5 – Add Your Heart Toppers

Since I left some of the stick on my heart, I was able to EASILY press them into the foam cones.

Valentine Heart Trees Easy Valentine Craft Idea

Step 6 – Finishing Touches

I was super excited to see how my trees turned out! Last year, I made the glitter ones and loved them.

But THIS YEAR, I wanted to change them up a bit and give them a modern look.

Valentine Heart Trees: Valentine Home Decor Ideas
Valentine Heart Trees Made From Dollar Tree Supplies
I was super excited when I found the pre-cut hearts last year for this craft!
Valentine Heart Trees Fun Valentine Craft Ideas

This was probably one of the easiest craft projects I’ve worked on. Even with taking the pictures and setting up, I had them done in about a half hour.

I’m ALL about quick and easy crafts. With three little ones, my crafts need to be quick and easy!!

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