Easy-to Make DIY Wooden Pallet Mantle Centerpiece

DIY wooden pallet centerpiece

Craft Materials

Before starting this project, you’ll need the following materials:

, Wood Boards, Finishing Wax, Sandpaper, Paint Brush, Power Drill, Wood Screws

I’ve REALLY been wanting to build my own wooden pallet mantle backdrop for awhile now. Something light, so my Spring decor will really POP against it!

I’ve had a pallet board I upcycled from an ACTUAL pallet for my beach home decor and that has worked great over the past couple of months. But, I really just wanted to give this area a NEW look!

ANY excuse for new craft projects, right?!?

Getting Started

I bought 6 wooden boards (6′ x 3″ x 3/4″) at Lowe’s for a $1.68 each — and I was able to cut them in HALF (which gave me 12 boards at 3′ x 3″ x 3/4″).

From there, I went to my craft STASH and pulled out my white paint, wax and 10 wood screws (1.25″ long).

I was ‘uber excited to get crafting on this project. I don’t USUALLY pull out the power tools for my craft projects (I usually stick with a glue gun)

DIY Wooden Pallet: Getting Started

Sandpaper isn’t picture here…sorry.

Step 1 – Cut and Layout Your Wood

I wanted my wood pallet to be a PERFECT square, so I measured it out, and had the good people at Lowe’s cut my wood for me :)

To make my square, it ended up being 10 boards (side-by-side) and 2 on the BACK to keep them in place.

DIY Wooden Pallet: Cut Your Wood

Step 2 – Paint Your Wood

I painted two coats of white paint on my wood and let DRY for an hour.

DIY Wooden Pallet: Paint Your Wood

Step 3 – Sand Your Wood

I wanted my pallet to look a little “aged”, so I went over the edges with some sandpaper and lightly sanded EACH painted board.

DIY Wooden Pallet: Sand Your Wood

Quick Tip: For best results, stick to sanding the EDGES of the boards (the paint comes off really easy).

Step 4 – Wax Your Wood

This step is NOT necessary, but I always like to go over wood crafts (like my jumbo paint palette knockoff) with a coat of finishing wax. It leaves a nice and SMOOTH finish!

DIY Wooden Pallet: Wax Your Wood
DIY Wooden Pallet: Add Your Wax
DIY Wooden Pallet: Lightly Wax Your Wood Pallet

Step 5 – Put Your Pallet Together

Once my pallet was painted, sanded and waxed, I was ready to put it TOGETHER…super excited about this part!

I went down both sides (adding a screw to EACH piece of wood) to firmly keep the boards in place.

DIY Wooden Pallet: Put Your Pallet Together
DIY Wooden Pallet: Drill in Your Screws

Quick Tip: Get creative with this part! We chose to STAGGER the boards for a unique stepping effect!

Step 6 – Finishing Touches

I LOVE how this DIY wood pallet centerpiece turned out! The first projects I added to it were my stenciled heart frames and Valentine heart trees!

BUT…now that my Valentine’s Day decor is down, I can’t wait to decorate it with my Spring and Easter home crafts!

DIY Wooden Pallet for your Spring Home Decor Proejcts!

VOILA’ that’s it! Super simple, right?!? I had this project done in NO TIME and it was totally on budget!

VOILA’ that’s it! Super simple, right?!? I had this project done in NO TIME…

I spent about $12.00 on the wood (and had the rest of the supplies I needed). PLUS, I’ll be able to keep this project up for awhile now! I can’t wait to put my beach decor on it when it’s time to decorate for Summer!

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